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  Our unique product mix of educational toys, therapy tools and teaching-aid materials is probably the first of its kind in Malaysia. Feel free to contact us with your comments / requests. We will surely do our best to fulfill them  
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We organise workshops on a regular basis. We strive to invite highly respected professionals to conduct these workshops, which are designed to equip participants with new skills and knowledge that they can immediately use on their child/children.

Workshops for 2017

We are happy to announce the following talks / workshops!

Mac 18 - Empowering Parents for their special journey

Apr 8 -  Behavior Management

May 20 - Enhancing Pre-Handwriting Skills

Jun 17 - Move-to-Learn (Basic Level) - Rescheduled

July 15 - Language & Communication Skills - Rescheduled to Sept*

Aug 19 - Inclusive Education : Behaviour & Classroom Management

*Sept 23 - Cognitive Dev & Communication (Register now!)

Oct 21 - TBC


Please call Anna (012) 372 3776 for more details!