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We organise workshops on a regular basis. We strive to invite highly respected professionals to conduct these workshops, which are designed to equip participants with new skills and knowledge that they can immediately use on their child/children.

What happened in our previous Workshop? (Page 1)

"Enhancing Communication for Non-Verbal Communicators"

This was held on 1 Aug 2009 and our Speaker was Ms Jennifer Peters. The workshop was conducted at Bangunan MCIS , Jln Barat, Petaling Jaya.

It was attended by close to 50 pax. We had a good mix of parents, therapists and kindergarten teachers. We are glad to note that there is an increase of pre-school teachers who are taking an interest in,and wanting to teach "our kids".

Ms Jennifer showed us the meaning of "communication" , how a child must be taught to understand the concept of communication and what are the skills required for 2-way communication.

Besides speech, one can and should always explore the potential of using sign language and the Picture Exchange Communication System.

I always believed that no speech does NOT mean no communication. Hopefully everyone has learnt something and will go back with ideas to use on their child/children.

"Parent-Child Sensory Workshop"

The workshop was held on 12 Sept 2009 at Bangunan MCIS, Jln Barat, Petaling Jaya. It was conducted by Ms Teo Lee Fun.

It was attended by 13 children with their parents. Ms Teo led the session with 4 volunteers from Malaysian Care.

They watched a video and went through many activities. Some of which were simple arts& craft, negotiating bends, hopping, catching balloons and many more. Most of the kids were well behaved and interacted well with their parents. There was happy music in the air, there were much laughter and expressions of surprise, together with some minor moments of frustrations and restlessness.

Overall, everyone had a blast of a time. I had a feeling the adults were more exhausted than the kids though!!

"Enhancing Visual Processing Skills"

The workshop was held on 13 Mac 2010 at Bangunan MCIS, Jln Barat, Petaling Jaya. It was conducted by Ms Teo Lee Fun.

We had a record number of participants - 70 pax, majority of them teachers, almost half were from regular schools. Hopefully, more teaches will show an interest in special needs education and more schools will eventually be equipped to take in our kids.

Ms Teo started the workshop with a brief introduction about visual development in children. Then she led the participants through some eye exercises. All the participants actively followed the exercises and there was much laughter as some had "funny faces with crossed eyes".  Then we moved on to a more serious sub-topic, which was "What is visual perception" and "What are the signs of visual problems". She then enlightened the participants on ways to improve visual perception skills via more activities. She also shared how exercise balls and toys could be used as part of the "exercise-your-eyes" activities.

Many who called up only during the last week had to be put on the Waiting List. If there is enough interest, we will repeat this workshop again.


One of the activites : Can you see the pencil??


"Empowering parents for the Special Journey Ahead"

This workshop was conducted by Dr Alvin Ng on 17 April 2010. It was held at SHINE Child Guidance Centre, Jln University PJ.

The main objective of the workshop was to create awareness of the  important steps to take in managing children with special needs. Dr Alvin introduced us to the KISSED method. He enlightened the parents of the need to have Knowledge of who are the professionals to approach, the types of assessments to go for and the Intervention programs available. He went on to say that acquiring new Skills and having Support is essential. It follows then that once Empowered, you are on the way to achieving better Developmental success for your child and family.

It is hoped that all the participants learn something of value and that they know they are not alone in this journey.


Participants listening attentively to Dr Alvin....

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