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  Our unique product mix of educational toys, therapy tools and teaching-aid materials is probably the first of its kind in Malaysia. Feel free to contact us with your comments / requests. We will surely do our best to fulfill them  
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  Senses At Play is founded by parents, Anna and Yvonne. Between us, we have 4 children, two of whom have special needs. They drive us crazy but they are also our inspiration.Yvonne and I met through the ADHD Support Group and both of us realized that we have a passion in wanting to share and assist other parents in the same predicament.  
  Why Senses-at-Play?

After much thoughts, we decided that Senses-at-Play will be our umbrella brand name. It is in line with our belief that when “play is in session, learning is in progress” 

Children naturally enjoy play, thus we must take advantage of this process to enhance their overall development , eg physical
( fine and gross motor), language ( including social interaction) and mental ( cognitive and memory ).

We strongly encourage parents to search for ways to enhance their children's educational growth while still having fun. This is especially so for parent with special needs children who require lots of different toys to stimulate their growth and maximize their potential.

As such, we strive to bring in the best quality educational toys at the most competitive pricing. Our products are hand-picked and tested on our own children. They are specially selected because they have multi-functions (eg using the same item to enhance fine motor skills and to teach colours/shapes), thus, maximizing their value.

We also carry items that we term as “teaching aids” that are used to facilitate a child’s learning needs. Thus we hope that every child will have the benefit of using fun and stimulating toys to gain knowledge.



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